Thursday, June 15, 2017


 These cookies are SOLD OUT!!!  Cookie season is over and cookie prizes have arrived.  Allie sold at MANY, MANY cookie booths this year, which in deed helped her to reach her 600 box goal.  She even carted her wagon around the neighborhood on an warm spring day.  Who wouldn't want to buy cookies from this cutie Daisy!?!  Allie sold in the sunshine and the freezing rain...she deserves every prize she earned this season.  Allie was always WANTING to sell...even solo.  However, she struggled a little bit with her shyness this year.  In the end, she learned many awesome skills she'll use for a lifetime.
This year's cookie theme was owls...everything was SOOOOO CUTE!!  Allie earned a bunch of Girl Scout goodies and keepsakes along with her Cookie Celebration she attended last month.  She is in love with her new owl plushy, Tula.

Looking forward to next year's cookies season...and hopefully the return of the S'more cookie!!!

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