Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Day...Hooray!

Kindergarten and Preschool...LAST DAY!

My how Allie has grown this year.  REAL Kindergarten is now complete.  

This marks the first year that Ayden gets to hold the first and last day of school signs!  WOW!!  Look at the difference a year makes!

Thank you Mrs. Wild for an outstanding, super year!  Allie has LOVED being your right hand gal ALL year.  She just loved all the special attention.  You have moved our girl along in more ways that you realize.  She is a super reader and writer.  I just loved reading her stories this year.  Allie has become more confident in herself and a little more outgoing too (especially when you let her dance on the tables!)  We appreciate your soft loving tone, yet clear expectations and follow through.  Our Allie girl is becoming quite the little STAR thanks to your love for her and your effort in her educational progress.  We are forever grateful!

Mrs. Poxon was Ayden's safe haven this year as he ventured off to preschool for the very first time.  Thank you, Mrs. Poxon, for all you have done of our little guy.  He sure did warm up to you and your classroom full of friends he made.  He is so comfortable, LOVES school and everything about this day...writing, reading, computer time, trucks, the sandbox and singing...just not NAPS!  Thanks for helping him learn and grow this year.  We are so thankful Ayden will get to continue on in your class again for another year.  We can only dream of what he will do next. 

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