Friday, June 23, 2017

Fears, Tears & Pretty Ears

Since Allie was a baby...I always wanted to let her make the choice to pierce her ears.  I wanted this moment to be special and decided by her on her own time.  I was 7 when I had my ears pierced.  I still remember the day...the mall, my mom,but not the pain. 
Allie has been BUGGING us to get her ears pieced for the past two months!  It's finally time.  There are no cheer competitions that we have to take them out school to worry about either.  Allie has been super excited and counting down the days for the awesome moment all week.  She was all smiles on the drive there and even picking out her new earrings.  She EVEN jumped up in the stool ready wear REAL earrings!  She came prepared with her stuffy to squeeze.

The tears pooled her eyes as soon as she saw the measuring tool.  She freaked and hid her face in Todd.  A quick pep talk and before I could get my video was DONE!!!  A quick little cry...and she did it! 

Allie said, "It DID hurt."  I didn't think she could be any more beautiful...

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