Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cookie Celebration

The day has finally come!  All of Allie's hard work selling cookies this season to meet her 600 box goal was celebrated tonight with her friend, Briella.  These two concocted a plan to sell enough boxes of cookies to get them to a COOKIE CELEBRATION.  Tonight, Allie and Briella were recognized for their hard work, dedication, and the many skills they learned that came along with selling some Girl Scout cookies.

Allie sold cookies with her friends and by herself.  She sold at the mall, at Kroger and in the freezing cold rain and snow.  She communicated with customers, managed money, acted respectfully (mostly) and responsibly.  She made a goal and met it!  I'm so proud of her.  This cookie team rocked it!

Pasta, salad and chicken for cream sundaes for dessert.  Allie's favorite was the Shirley Temple. 

Allie was awarded with a Top Seller Trophy and a special keepsake coin.  Check out those smiles.  Allie has already made her goal for next year...1,000!

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