Monday, May 15, 2017

Allie's Baptism Birthday

Today we celebrated Allie's Baptism Birthday after school.  Her special day to remember that 6 years ago God welcomed her into his kingdom...Allie's birth into God's family.  Allie tries each and every day to live faithfully and do things to be proud of.
We sang, blew out her candle...and opened a little gift.  What's a birthday without a gift?  Allie gets to choose a dessert too...this year it was homemade cupcakes...decorated by HER!! 


We got Allie a bike seat for her American Girl doll.  After our treat, we took a family bike ride to the farm so she could test it out.  Check out that smile...she was ever so happy!
We are blessed to have been given this gift...our Allie girl.  

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