Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday

Allie and Ayden both woke before the sun was up...and remembered it was Easter morning.  The first indication was probably the eggs that were scattered outside their bedrooms and all over the house.  With buckets in arms, we went egg hunting.  Allie was really good about letting Ayden pick up some and Ayden was sure to share all the pink and purple eggs with Allie. 

Once we reached the basement, the egg hunting was put on hold when our eyes fell upon two little springtime baskets. 

Ayden's was stuffed full with a Tonka trucks, Minion socks, swim goggles and candy.

Allie found a Lego Friends set, flip flops, Shopkins socks, swim goggles and candy in her basket. 

After lots of candy for breakfast...we headed to church an hour early for Easter mass.  That was my fault.  I thought it was earlier that it really was.  Allie began to really understand the true meaning of Easter this year. 

We spent the afternoon at Nana and Papa's where we had Easter lunch and a super fun egg hunt complete with prizes too!  Thanks, Nana for all your special treats.  We finally dyed Easter eggs too. 

These two are definitely not deprived in the goodies department.  They received Easter goody bags from the kindness neighbors we've ever had....Peeps Oreos, Whoppers eggs, Nerds and other Easter goodies.  Aunt Ellen always spoils them too...Easter Pez, push pops and Easter CASH! 

Today was time, the weather and hardly any arguing (yeah!).  Happy Easter and happy spring!

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