Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lego League

Lego League happened Girl Scout style this year.  5 little scouts made up our team, The Courageous Cottontails.  We researched all about bees and how they are in danger.  Our challenge this year was to research an animal that shares the same habitat as the bee and build a model showing what we learned.  Our teams chose the RABBIT...cottontail, actually!
For the past 5 months, Allie and her teammates learned about where rabbits live, what they eat, and how they survive.  They learned about robotics and how to make one part on their model move (their rabbit, Daisy).  Today, all their hard work was showcased at Oakland Mall with the rest of the Leg League Girl Scout teams.  Great job, proud of you!

Their model included lots of Girl Scout elements...Juliette Gordon Low and her troop.  Juliette worked in the garden.  Her troop worked in the bee garden gathering honey.  They took their food to the market via tractor.  Daisy the courageous cottontail ate a yummy orange carrot, but quickly rolled away from her predator, the coyote.

These girls presented all their information to the reviewer very well!  Way to go, team!

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