Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love on Valentine's Day

Love filled our house this past weekend as Todd and I prepared something special for our two little loves.  We got out our Valentine plates to have lunch and treats on. 

Love of lovely goodies...new shoes, crafts, card making supplies, and a Lego bin for her Lego table for Allie.  Ayden rocked his new hat and baseball mitt and glove.

We made (the littles actually helped too!) their Valentine's' for all their friends at school.  Everyone's a CUTIE this year.

Today, Nana got to take Ayden to school for his Valentine party (it fell on a Tuesday, Nana's day).  He played games, passed out his Valentine's and have some yummy treats too.

Lucky for me I got to come to bit of Allie's Valentine party at school.  Allie and I have so much fun posing for pictures in the photo booth, making a heart thumb-print bookmark and eating yummy snacks too!

Allie's Class on Valentine's Day!

Love these two with all my heart!

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