Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tooth Fairy

As Allie was drinking her hot chocolate yesterday morning...her FIRST tooth FELL OUT!!  It feels like she's been waiting forever!!  She's been wiggling it and talking about it.  We were all ecstatic!
Allie put her tooth in her tooth pillow that has been hanging on her closet door for about 4 years now.  The binky fairy gave it to her when she hung her binky.  She left her tooth right by her fairy door and went to bed...too excited to sleep!

Sometime during the night, the tooth fairy made her very first visit to the Hammerick house.  She left Allie a special container to keep her first tooth in.  She also wrote a tiny little letter to Allie and gave her a receipt for her first tooth...and $10!  It won't be long before she picks up more and more of Allie's teeth...she already has another wiggly one!

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