Friday, June 23, 2017

Fears, Tears & Pretty Ears

Since Allie was a baby...I always wanted to let her make the choice to pierce her ears.  I wanted this moment to be special and decided by her on her own time.  I was 7 when I had my ears pierced.  I still remember the day...the mall, my mom,but not the pain. 
Allie has been BUGGING us to get her ears pieced for the past two months!  It's finally time.  There are no cheer competitions that we have to take them out school to worry about either.  Allie has been super excited and counting down the days for the awesome moment all week.  She was all smiles on the drive there and even picking out her new earrings.  She EVEN jumped up in the stool ready wear REAL earrings!  She came prepared with her stuffy to squeeze.

The tears pooled her eyes as soon as she saw the measuring tool.  She freaked and hid her face in Todd.  A quick pep talk and before I could get my video was DONE!!!  A quick little cry...and she did it! 

Allie said, "It DID hurt."  I didn't think she could be any more beautiful...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Here's to the best Dad around.  A dad who attends every cheer competition, plays in the dirt for hours, tickles till someone is always crying, cleans the house, does the laundry AND cooks dinner!  We love you the most!

Father's Day was spent with all the dads.  BBQ at our house and fun playing outside.  All these dad's love to be was a perfect day for all.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Day...Hooray!

Kindergarten and Preschool...LAST DAY!

My how Allie has grown this year.  REAL Kindergarten is now complete.  

This marks the first year that Ayden gets to hold the first and last day of school signs!  WOW!!  Look at the difference a year makes!

Thank you Mrs. Wild for an outstanding, super year!  Allie has LOVED being your right hand gal ALL year.  She just loved all the special attention.  You have moved our girl along in more ways that you realize.  She is a super reader and writer.  I just loved reading her stories this year.  Allie has become more confident in herself and a little more outgoing too (especially when you let her dance on the tables!)  We appreciate your soft loving tone, yet clear expectations and follow through.  Our Allie girl is becoming quite the little STAR thanks to your love for her and your effort in her educational progress.  We are forever grateful!

Mrs. Poxon was Ayden's safe haven this year as he ventured off to preschool for the very first time.  Thank you, Mrs. Poxon, for all you have done of our little guy.  He sure did warm up to you and your classroom full of friends he made.  He is so comfortable, LOVES school and everything about this day...writing, reading, computer time, trucks, the sandbox and singing...just not NAPS!  Thanks for helping him learn and grow this year.  We are so thankful Ayden will get to continue on in your class again for another year.  We can only dream of what he will do next. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017


 These cookies are SOLD OUT!!!  Cookie season is over and cookie prizes have arrived.  Allie sold at MANY, MANY cookie booths this year, which in deed helped her to reach her 600 box goal.  She even carted her wagon around the neighborhood on an warm spring day.  Who wouldn't want to buy cookies from this cutie Daisy!?!  Allie sold in the sunshine and the freezing rain...she deserves every prize she earned this season.  Allie was always WANTING to sell...even solo.  However, she struggled a little bit with her shyness this year.  In the end, she learned many awesome skills she'll use for a lifetime.
This year's cookie theme was owls...everything was SOOOOO CUTE!!  Allie earned a bunch of Girl Scout goodies and keepsakes along with her Cookie Celebration she attended last month.  She is in love with her new owl plushy, Tula.

Looking forward to next year's cookies season...and hopefully the return of the S'more cookie!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Field Day

Field day is the true sign that the end of the school year is HERE!  Allie and I were twinsies this year...this was a last minute intentional plan

Fortunately there were MANY other parents that were able to take a few photos of Allie...since neither Todd or I could be there for the fun.  It looked like she had a super good time!

Snow cones hit the spot on this 90+ degree day.  It was the highlight of Field Day for ALL the kiddos.  Here is Allie with some of the sweet girls in her class this year.

Hailey, Allie, Aliyah, Sutton, Raniya, and Seayena

2 more days till SUMMER!!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Preschool Picnic

First year of preschool is coming to an end for Ayden!  To wrap up his year of success, his wonderful teachers planned a picnic at Marshbank Park to celebrate!  It just so happened that the WHOLE family (Nana too) was able to join the picnic fun.  I was able to sneak away from school for a short bit...and Allie wanted to come too, of course.  Todd worked in the afternoon so he could take Ayden.

Ayden played a few fun games, but had way more fun on the playground with all his school friends.  Thank you to Mrs. Poxon and Mrs. Johnston for the best year!  He loves his teachers!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bitty Banquet

Tonight we celebrated our FABULOUS second season of Bitty Bombs!  These girls were recognized as STATE CHAMPS!  WHOAAA!  Hard work, dedication, and lots of hours of practice paid off for these Bitties.  Congrats to all our Bitties on a fun, joyful and accomplished season.  This is the future BLACKOUT!
Coach Ally and Allie

Danica, Abby, Allie, Lexi, and Hailey

ALL the MWX gals were awarded with a certificate...and then the fun began!  Eating, dancing and the best part...PHOTO BOOTH!  What cheerleader doesn't like having her photo taken?!?

Bitty Moms also got in on the fun too!  I suppose we could have a little more practice...LOL!!  Too much fun for a Wednesday night! We love our MWX family!  Go Bitties!!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Girl Scout Awards

It has been a pleasure leading Allie's Girl Scout troop this year.  I absolutely LOVE my co-leaders!!  We make a GREAT team and have a lot of fun planning and learning alongside our daughters.  Being a second generation leader makes my heart happy as I follow in my mom's footsteps.  I love spending time with my Allie and seeing her learn, give back, and accomplish goals.  It does take A LOT of time...but it's time very well spent! 

Troop 76057 was awarded their badges and patches at our end of the year ceremony.  Check out all of Allie's accomplishments!  She learned about schools in other countries and planted flowers at her school.  Allie collected pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House and made donation baskets with her troop for the families there.  We made flower pots crafts for the patients at Children's Motts and Valentine Card for seniors.  Together we learned the Girl Scout Law, being money smart, how to conserve energy, how to respect wild animals and sooooo much MORE!!  Allie re-earned all her petals and also took a Journey with her troop too.  For fun we fairy door hunted, saw Fancy Nancy and the Snow Queen, and did so many fun activities at Girl Scout camp like signing around the campfire eating S'mores, journaling, tye dying and hiking.  These patches not only serve as a way to show Allie's accomplishments, but as a way to remember all that Allie has experienced this year as a Daisy.

So blessed to be this girl's leader!

The girls celebrated with rainbow cupcakes and a super cool water bottle to use at our meetings next year!


I can't wait to see what Allie's THIRD year of Daisies will bring!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ayden's Preschool Concert cute is this?!?  Ayden performed at his very FIRST concert.  He was so brave and stood right in the front row for all to see and hear him.  Ayden and his friends sang five songs...including motions and egg shakers to keep the beat.

He even gave a bow at the end.  We were pleasantly surprised that Ayden did so well!  It's all thanks to his wonderful teachers!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Allie's Baptism Birthday

Today we celebrated Allie's Baptism Birthday after school.  Her special day to remember that 6 years ago God welcomed her into his kingdom...Allie's birth into God's family.  Allie tries each and every day to live faithfully and do things to be proud of.
We sang, blew out her candle...and opened a little gift.  What's a birthday without a gift?  Allie gets to choose a dessert too...this year it was homemade cupcakes...decorated by HER!! 


We got Allie a bike seat for her American Girl doll.  After our treat, we took a family bike ride to the farm so she could test it out.  Check out that smile...she was ever so happy!
We are blessed to have been given this gift...our Allie girl.  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Morning

Couldn't of asked for a better Mother's Day...
Quick stop at DD for doughnuts and coffee.  Yum-O!

Then off to Lowe's to buy lots and lots of flower for the garden.  My mother's day tradition is to plant flowers...just like my mom did.  Except I make my two help me.  Allie liked planting in our new pots and Ayden was THRILLED to push dirt around and dig holes for me.

I loved my special handmade gifts too.  Allie made a super cool necklace with her photo in (that I wore all day) and a nice writing that she was pretty accurate on, as well.  Ayden a painted flower pot with flowers he picked out himself.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love them...and you two!