Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve with family is the best.  With only a day to prepare...we managed to pull it off.  Even though I have my doubts at times and I may not always show it...I'm so thankful for this family of mine.  I love these three!

Auntie Linda, Aunt Jess, and Cousins Whitney and Ethan joined us again!!  We love having them over.  Barb, Papa Ray, Nana and Papa were there too, of course!

I can always count on my girl to model for a photo...Ayden (not so much!)  My sweet, sweet Christmas gal.  She INSISTED on wearing her red rose dress and having her hair curled....make up too!

 Family photo time...

These two COULDN'T WAIT for presents.  Ayden was counting down the days all month. 

It was such a joy to watch Ayden this year...he was so EXCITED!!  He just LOVED his recycle truck from Todd and I and his trailer from Papa Ray.  Such MAGIC!

Allie received 3 Lego Friends sets, a Princess Poppi Troll, a Silly Sally book and felt set for the felt board, a bag to hold her Girl Scout patches since her vest is FULL, a Lego sticker book, a glow in the dark race car track and Playdough. 

Ayden received a wiggle rider, trailer for his construction trucks, Paw Patrol cars, a matchbox truck and cars, a recycle truck, applesauce pouches, glow in the dark race car track and Playdough too!

After everyone went home and the toys were all built, we headed outside to sprinkle reindeer food for Santa's reindeer.  Ayden spent about 20 minutes (yes, 20 minutes) sprinkling his food...making sure Santa didn't miss our house!
Allie was soooo looking forward to touching Belle tonight.  She remembered this year!  Ayden told Jingle thank you for about a million things...including the books he wrapped for him, the snow and his trucks?!?  Allie gave Belle a hug and Ayden gave Jingle a kiss.  They carried our eves up to Santa's plate of cookies and said one last goodbye. 
The cookies were plated and the milk was poured in Santa's special mug.  Jingle and Belle were sat were Santa could find them.  Our stockings were hung by the chimney.  The sacks filled with old toys were left under the tree for Santa to take away and fix up for other kids.  A Christmas card was awaiting Santa's visit.  

Tomorrow will be an exciting morning.  Merry Christmas Eve!

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