Thursday, December 1, 2016

Allie is 6

Our sweet, spunky and sometimes sassy (and whiney) girl is turned 6 this morning.  She is growing up before our eyes...and way too fast if you ask me. 
Allie is a true girly-girl.  She would wear a bow and braids in her hair and a dress every single day if we'd let her...even if it's raining or freezing outside, she'd give up comfort to look her best.  Allie has become more confident and outgoing at 6 years old.  Allie is now reading very well and math and spelling seem to come easy to her.  She learned to ride a two-wheeler this past summer and can swim like a fish passing level 5 at Aqua-Tots and now in level 6.  Cheer is still a favorite for Allie.  She has perfected her cartwheel and continues to work on her back bend and back walkover.  Allie enjoys playing with her dolls, dressing them and taking care of them.  She likes to watch YouTube videos of Lego Friends and Baby Alive.  Some of Allie's favorite foods are Nana's snacker crackers, noodles with butter and cheese, ice cream and chocolate milk.  Allie is very caring, kind and helpful to her classmates and friends.  This girl is full of love and happiness. 
This past weekend the Grandparents celebrate with Allie.  The restaurant of choice was Samuri Steackhouse. 
Allie is so blessed to have all these people that love her.  She receive an American Girl doll (super excited!) doll clothes and books from Nana.  A Lego Friends set too!  From Ms. Barb all was thrilled to get her first Baby Alive doll!  Papa Ray gave Allie money for cheer and a couple of my vintage Cabbage Patch dolls.  Todd and I gave Allie lots of my Barbie clothes and more Barbie's too!  I made Allie a Lego shirt and headband to wear at her friend birthday party coming up this weekend.  Auntie Elle and Uncle Joe gave Allie an AG gift card and sticker book.  Allie is so blessed!

Ayden did pretty well not getting too jealous of his big sissy...he did want to help open gifts and Allie let him help a little.  Luckily, Allie was thoughtful enough to get a little gift too...good job, T!  Ayden was beyond excited!!!

Bright and early this morning (at exactly 8:44 am) Allie officially turned SIX.  She was full of giggles and smiles.  She couldn't contain her excitement.  Jingle and Belle dressed for the occasion and left Allie a birthday an elf birthday gift...a girly elf nail polish kit with stickers and all.  They decorated a chair just for her (as the book says) so she could feel extra special today. 

Allie's birthday fell on a school day...and a Girl Scout meeting day too.  So Allie got to spend her birthday at school with all her friends.  Todd managed to stop by and read Allie's class, Elf on the Shelf, A Birthday Tradition.  Allie got to sit in Mrs. Wild's chair AND wear a shiny GOLD CROWN all day long!  She got to roll the birthday cube and the class said a poem for Allie. 

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