Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking Back at 2016

As 2016 comes to a close...the Hammerick's are feeling HAPPY, PROUD, and THANKFUL!  Here are some of our most memorable moments from this past year.


Allie ice skated for the first time and learned very quickly!


The Hammeick's went to Great Wolf Lodge...

...for Allie's first cheer competition of the season.


 Allie ran her first Girl Scout cookie business and sold over 300 boxes of cookies!

The Hammerick's got their very first pets...FISH (Shimmer and Starlight)...


...Allie completed her first year of Lego League with her team, The Recycle Friends...

...and we took a cruise to St. Maarten, Haiti, and the Virgin Islands (Allie's 5th and Ayden's 3rd).


Todd took the family for our first flight together..
...and the kiddos saw their first Tiger's game at Comerica Park.
Ayden graduated from Lynnie's Place...
...and we drove out east to Philadelphia and to visit Sesame Place.
 Both the Hammerick kiddos achieved their wishes for 2016. 

Ayden officially became a big boy by hanging up his binkie, learning to use the potty, and sleeping in a big boy bed all within a couple weeks of each other...
...and Allie learned to ride a two-wheeler!
Fairy doors magically appeared in our house...
...and Todd and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary with our first trip away from the kids to Utah.

Allie started kindergarten and Ayden started preschool...
...and Ayden turned THREE!

(Just a lot of fall activities, but nothing extraordinary)


Allie turned SIX...

...and no one cried for Santa's photo this year!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Morning

Well after 8:00 this morning, Allie and Ayden woke us up...lucky us, we got to sleep in some.  They were super excited to run downstairs to see the magic that had happened sometime last night.

Our stockings were stuffed.  The cookies were eaten.  Jingle and Belle were nowhere to be seen.  Our sacks we left by the tree were no longer there...but in their place was special gifts picked out by Santa himself for our little angels.

Allie got just what she asked Sanat for...Lego Friends, The Grand Hotel and a matching outfit for her American Girl doll and her.  That thoughtful Santa even left Allie some of my old books he saved for her at the North Pole (he said so in his letter).  Allie's stocking was stuffed with looms for her potholder weaving set, hairspray for cheer, hot chocolate, a couple PEZ dispensers, Dory socks, Christmas tights and candy.

Ayden got the BIG scooper he asked for, a set of headphones for the iPad, and Lincoln Logs to build with.  Stuffed in his stocking was Minion bandaids, a couple PEZ dispensers, flip flops, Nemo socks, silly putty and candy too.

We spent our Christmas morning scooping our Lincoln Logs and building our Grand Hotel (only some of it because it is 1,500 pieces.  We went to Nana's for our Christmas dinner to enjoy her traditional perogies!  This Christmas was the most fun yet...seeing the excitement and magic in BOTH our kids' eyes.  

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve with family is the best.  With only a day to prepare...we managed to pull it off.  Even though I have my doubts at times and I may not always show it...I'm so thankful for this family of mine.  I love these three!

Auntie Linda, Aunt Jess, and Cousins Whitney and Ethan joined us again!!  We love having them over.  Barb, Papa Ray, Nana and Papa were there too, of course!

I can always count on my girl to model for a photo...Ayden (not so much!)  My sweet, sweet Christmas gal.  She INSISTED on wearing her red rose dress and having her hair curled....make up too!

 Family photo time...

These two COULDN'T WAIT for presents.  Ayden was counting down the days all month. 

It was such a joy to watch Ayden this year...he was so EXCITED!!  He just LOVED his recycle truck from Todd and I and his trailer from Papa Ray.  Such MAGIC!

Allie received 3 Lego Friends sets, a Princess Poppi Troll, a Silly Sally book and felt set for the felt board, a bag to hold her Girl Scout patches since her vest is FULL, a Lego sticker book, a glow in the dark race car track and Playdough. 

Ayden received a wiggle rider, trailer for his construction trucks, Paw Patrol cars, a matchbox truck and cars, a recycle truck, applesauce pouches, glow in the dark race car track and Playdough too!

After everyone went home and the toys were all built, we headed outside to sprinkle reindeer food for Santa's reindeer.  Ayden spent about 20 minutes (yes, 20 minutes) sprinkling his food...making sure Santa didn't miss our house!
Allie was soooo looking forward to touching Belle tonight.  She remembered this year!  Ayden told Jingle thank you for about a million things...including the books he wrapped for him, the snow and his trucks?!?  Allie gave Belle a hug and Ayden gave Jingle a kiss.  They carried our eves up to Santa's plate of cookies and said one last goodbye. 
The cookies were plated and the milk was poured in Santa's special mug.  Jingle and Belle were sat were Santa could find them.  Our stockings were hung by the chimney.  The sacks filled with old toys were left under the tree for Santa to take away and fix up for other kids.  A Christmas card was awaiting Santa's visit.  

Tomorrow will be an exciting morning.  Merry Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Adventures of Jingle and Belle

Jingle and Belle had their share of adventures this season...





We'll miss you little dudes...