Sunday, November 27, 2016

North Pole Breakfast 2016

They're BAAA-AACK!!!  Jingle and Belle brought the Hammerick's a little surprise this morning.  Those magical little elves decked our table with snowy doughnuts and hot, hot chocolate.  There was tons of Christmas cheer...presents, treats, and Christmas candy corn too!

There they are!!  Watching our every move!  Allie did stop to talk to them often this morning...telling them all sorts of things and what she wanted for Christmas, of course!  How magical...and SWEET!

The tradition continues...our Christmas books have returned!  Those little elves wrapped up all our books so we can unwrap a new book each day until Christmas...Belle even asked Allie if she would read to her! 

Belle gave Allie some a new pair of elf on the shelf jammies and slippers.  Ayden received a fun storytelling elf from Jingle. 

We found Ayden's favorite vanilla yogurt in the fridge sprinkled with magical elf and green!  Allie enjoyed her hot chocolate...and candy corn.

Thanks, Jingle and Belle for the breakfast from the North Pole!  We are so happy to see you again and we're looking forward to making lots of memories this month!

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