Monday, October 31, 2016


The weeks leading up to Halloween were filled with LOTS of not so spooky fun!  These pumpkins sure have enjoyed all the Halloween activities and goodies this month...Funtober was filled with tons and tons of FUN!

Allie had her spooktacular Halloween party after school on Friday (forgot to snap any photos...oops!) 

We enjoyed Boo-ing our neighbors...and in return we were Boo-ed 4 TIMES!


Allie had Trunk-or-Treat at cheer after practice one Sunday.  These cheer-gals were the cutest.

Ayden had his Halloween party after school .  He was a little teary-eyed when we first got there...he was certain we were leaving him to have all the fun without us.  Eventually he warmed up and had a ball driving his bulldozer through the halls collecting candy. 

Allie and I both had our Halloween parties last Friday.  Luckily, Todd could be there too...I was only able to enjoy her class fun for around 20 minutes...duty calls.  Allie had a great time playing games, making a super cute handprint spider painting and enjoying lots of goodies and treats with all her friends.

Nana was kind enough to have some Allie and Nana time this Saturday while Ayden went to soccer. Allie was getting a little jealous that Ayden gets all the Nana time.  Allie LOVES spending time with you, Nana...especially when you make a really fun haunted house with her!

This weekend we carved our pumpkin we picked to prepare for the big night!  I can't wait till these two can carve their own pumpkins!  Allie chose this guy's silly face. I think he kind of looks like Ayden!

We did a practice run of trick-or-treating yesterday at the West Bloomfield Trick-or-Treat Trail which we did for the very first time.  We saw a lot of familiar faces along the way...Dory, Nemo, Baby Bop and Pokémon to name a few.  Allie met her sweet friend, Allyson there too!  We entered Ayden in the Halloween costume contest.  We hope he wins!!!

Finally...the big night has arrived!  The weather actually cooperated this year and was somewhat pleasant.  I was afraid Ayden wouldn't want to walk all the way around our neighborhood with his costume on.  He walked and walked and didn't want to skip a house!  He was a little trooper driving himself up everyone steps for a little bit of chocolate!  After an hour, these  trick-or-treaters were done...they wanted to pass out the candy instead of collecting it.

Funtober is officially OVER!  Happy Halloween!!!.

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