Sunday, September 4, 2016

Summer 2016

BUSY! the word I would use to describe summer 2016!  The Hammerick's were on the go from day 1, however I wouldn't want it any other way.  This summer was filled with early mornings (thanks to my little buddy who liked to wake up around 6:30-7:00), and days filled with family time on vacations, day camps, jogs up to the park in the double stroller, and family bike rides.  This summer's biggest accomplish for Allie was learning how to ride her bike!  So, the second half of summer had many family bike rides to the park and around the neighborhood.  I'll have memories of Ayden riding his mini-coupe while Todd and I RUN alongside with him. 

The day after school was out we took a road trip to Sesame Place, Philly, and Punxsutawney...and stopping in PA to stay a few days with Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe both ways.

Three days after returning home...we flew to Houghton Lake for the 4th with the Ader's.

Allie attened three camps this summer...Cheer Camp, Safety Town and Vacation Bible School.  Ayden and I tag-teamed VBS and lead the craft station all week.  Those songs will be forever stuck in my head as Ayden STILL wants to watch "God is With Me Wherever I Go!" on YouTube even a month later.

We had lots of play dates with friends...


...and Allie attended 7 out of the 8 birthday parties she was invited to (popular girl!)...Jaelynn, Skyla, Leighton, Olivia, Lexi, Hailey,  and Leona all celebrated their birthday with our girl this summer.


This end of summer is both bitter sweet.  It will be the first end of summer where we have BOTH littles starting school...Allie in kindergarten and Ayden in preschool.  Wow! How time is flying. Allie will continue to attend Gretchko where I teach and Ayden will be right down the convenient?!?  Before these kiddos start earning their real school grades...the teacher in me needs to report on how and what they did this summer.
There were HUGE accomplishments this summer as Allie learned to ride a 2-wheeler bike with only a couple major falls and crashes.  Allie completed ALL of the challenges for the library's summer reading program and read 100 HOURS!  Wow!  That was really hard for work (for Allie and Mom!).  Allie learned to love sleeping and work up around 9:00 every morning...sometimes even 9:30!  Allie played well with Ayden MOST of the time, especially if he did what she wanted him to do.  Allie completed many workbooks this summer and read her leveled books (she HAD to have improved her reading level a tad).  She continues to love wearing dresses.  Allie is determined to learn to tumble more and practices her handstand, carwheel and back walkover with the help of Mom and Dad, or anyone else around.

Ayden had big accomplishments too this summer.  Ayden hung up his binky on the Binky Tree.  He uses the big potty now.  Ayden now sleeps in a big boy bed...unless he wakes up in the middle of the night and comes into Mom and Dad's room to sleep on his sleeping bag (small steps!)  Ayden LOVES to play with Allie and wants to all the time.  He's also gotten good and annoying her at times, on purpose.  Ayden was thrilled to find out there is a house being built behind us this summer and loves to watch the construction vehicles work...playing with his scoopers at the same time. 

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