Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back to School 2016

Back to school for this little dude happened last week! Preschool started one week before Labor Day.  It just so happened that Ayden's first day was my first teacher work day.  Ayden was A-ok the morning of...

He smiled for his photos.  Held his First Day of Preschool sign like a champ.  He even posed for a picture in front of his school sign.

...but come time for me to leave, he shed some tears (break my heart).  Mrs. Poxon loved him up for us. The teacher in me knows everything is fine...but the mommy in me is hurting inside.  Ayden did calm down and participated in his day.  He cried on day two, as well.  I have a feeling it will take a while to adjust.

Today was Allie's first day of KINDERGARTEN!  ...and my first day as well.  How cute is she in her Brown Bear dress?!?

Allie is thrilled to be in Mrs. Wild's class this year!  We can't wait to see how she thrives this year!  There were no tears from my little brown bear.


UPDATE (end of September): 

Allie is doing wonderfully!  Mrs. Wild reported that Allie is her super helper and uses her and a few other friends from her 2YK class as role models.  She is loving having Allie in her class...and she DID grow as a reader this summer! 

Ayden still cries everyday he is dropped off (break my heart). It's getting better, but we aren't quite there yet.  He knows his routine and knows exactly how many more things to do until Mom or Dad come pick him up.  Maybe by June he'll adjust.

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