Sunday, August 7, 2016


Allie has been interested in fairies for a little while now.  This summer we've checked out a few of the different books from the Rainbow Magic Fairy series and Todd and I have read them aloud to Allie.  Somehow I learned about the fairy doors of Ann Arbor and thought my little fairy lover (and her little brother) would like to go on a fairy door hunt. 

Two days ago we planned to visit the Hands-On Museum with the cousins...and took a little walk around downtown searching beforehand.  With our map in hand, we found 5 fairy doors!  Ayden was just a excited as Allie see these pint sized doors...some identical to the real doors of their location. We were sure to EACH leave a penny at all the doors we came across.

The Michigan Theatre...

The Ann Arbor library (in the fairy tale section in the youth department).  We could even see inside this little fairy house!

The Ark...

Finally, Sweetwater's Café...and Found Gallery (a cute little fairy store housed all the trinkets fairy lovers had left for the fairies).  So cool!

Today, Allie came screaming out of her room when she found a fairy door...right in her own room!!!  Can you believe it?!?  It was perfectly PINK and SPARKLY!  She immediately wanted to see if there was one in Ayden's room too...


...and there WAS!!  But, not in mom or dad's room.  She checked!

Our littles are looking forward to many memories with their fairy doors.  Allie has already written a letter to the fairies hoping they will come for a visit.

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