Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to School Brunch

I can't believe I have TWO kids going back to school this week and next!  To kick off our back to school season, the kiddos and I had a BACK TO SCHOOL BRUNCH...ice cream was requested by both of my scholors...so I said, YES!  And I showered them with some goodies to make going back to school just a little more FUN!

Ayden got a new BLUE lunchbox he'll be putting to good use this school year.  He also got Spot Goes to School (with super fun lift the flaps) and a Letter Factory DVD.  Allie is into fashion glasses and was so happy to have her SECOND pair now.  A new raincoat and some kindergarten books too.  Some brand new marks to use on homework too!

These two (and I guess myself, as well) are ready to take 2016-17 on!  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

15 Years in Utah

Todd and I made it...to 15 YEARS of marriage.  There have been many happy and magical memories we've shared.  Lots of vacations, building our forever house, two babies, and lots and lots of fun times together.  It also wasn't easy.  At times it wasn't pleasant either.  Dealing with infertility, living apart in Boston, layoffs from jobs and multiple career changes.  Here we are...18 years after meeting in Windsor, Canada and 15 years of being married. 

Why Utah? is the question we were asked often when we (I mean, I) decided to go out west in the mountians.  We wanted to do something we could do with kids...all our vacations seem to revolve around them...Sesame Place, cruises, beaches, etc.  We wanted to do something NEW and something they wouldn't really want to do.  Park City, Utah seemed like a GREAT option.  Hiking, Alpine Slides, and romantic child-free LONG dinners together...with no curfews or bedtimes to worry about. 

I have to admit...I was VERY nervous to leave my babes at home.  I knew they were in GREAT care with Nana and Auntie Ellen (Uncle Joe too)!  We can't say THANK YOU enough for helping us out and staying with our littles while we got some very much needed alone time away from the craziness of family life. I'm not normally scared of flying, but the thought of Todd and I on a plane and our kids not on that plane...made me nervous.  I managed to make it though...and am so glad we went!

We flew in to Salt Lake City...we toured Salt Lake a bit before headed to Park City.  We climbed to a peak to over look the city....

...and we (I) had to see the famous Mormon Temple at Temple Square.  

A quick 45 minute drive through the mountains and we were at our resort.  It was amazing!  Nestled in the mountains, between multiple ski lifts, hiking trails and close to downtown Park City.  We were greeted with surprises right from the start...

We went hiking on day two...something neither of the kiddos would have been able to do.  It took us about 2 hours to get tot he summit at 4,000 feet elevation.  It was tough at times, but I'm so proud of US!!  The sights were AMAZING and it's something I'll never forget.  Wish we could do this more often!


There was lots of time for good meals, big drinks and wine tasting too! 

On day three, we played a little more...we rode the Alpine Slide down the mountain.  Todd won, of course!  This was super fun and again...something new for US!

I missed my babes, but they really didn't miss us.  They survived Mom and Dad's first trip away without them.  They had a great time getting spoiled from Nana and Auntie and all the special treatment.  Allie wanted Auntie to stay and us LEAVE when we got home!!!  It felt good to give them hugs and snuggles after not seeing them for three days.  Maybe we can do this EVERY anniversary???

15 years together...15+ more to come!

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Allie has been interested in fairies for a little while now.  This summer we've checked out a few of the different books from the Rainbow Magic Fairy series and Todd and I have read them aloud to Allie.  Somehow I learned about the fairy doors of Ann Arbor and thought my little fairy lover (and her little brother) would like to go on a fairy door hunt. 

Two days ago we planned to visit the Hands-On Museum with the cousins...and took a little walk around downtown searching beforehand.  With our map in hand, we found 5 fairy doors!  Ayden was just a excited as Allie see these pint sized doors...some identical to the real doors of their location. We were sure to EACH leave a penny at all the doors we came across.

The Michigan Theatre...

The Ann Arbor library (in the fairy tale section in the youth department).  We could even see inside this little fairy house!

The Ark...

Finally, Sweetwater's CafĂ©...and Found Gallery (a cute little fairy store housed all the trinkets fairy lovers had left for the fairies).  So cool!

Today, Allie came screaming out of her room when she found a fairy door...right in her own room!!!  Can you believe it?!?  It was perfectly PINK and SPARKLY!  She immediately wanted to see if there was one in Ayden's room too...


...and there WAS!!  But, not in mom or dad's room.  She checked!

Our littles are looking forward to many memories with their fairy doors.  Allie has already written a letter to the fairies hoping they will come for a visit.