Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wish Granted

Another milestone met today!  A goal of Allie's...a New Year's Wish she made some 7 months ago.  A wish to learn how to ride a two-wheeler in 2016!  Today her wish was granted...her goal was met. 

Allie's always been a little timid, nervous and afraid to try riding on her own without training wheels. She has been riding a hand-me-down bike from one of my previous students.  This particular bike was converted into a balance bike in order to teach the concept of balancing before using the pedals.  Allie struggled to ride it as a balance bike because of her short little legs...they just didn't reach the ground for her to get a running start.  We added training wheels and she rode it just fine, but it wasn't teaching her how to balance.  This summer however, she was finally tall enough to use it correctly and she learned to balance!

Allie begged us to put the pedals back on.  She was determined to ride like her older friends.  Todd and I been running alongside her, holding onto her arm (just in case).  She's fallen a time or two.  But today, it just clicked!  Look at her go!

Papa Ray was over when Allie was practicing a couple days before.  He just couldn't wait to buy her a NEW big girl bike. After he saw her riding on a video, he told her to go pick out a new bike!  Allie's request...a RAINBOW bike!  Lucky for her, we found one at Toys R Us...and matching knee and elbow pads too! 
Thanks, Papa sure do know how to put a smile on this little girl's face.  She loves her new bike and is getting really good at riding it. 

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