Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Potty Training 201

Summer is in full swing and Ayden has some BIG plans for the summer 2016!  Before Ayden turns the big THREE, he's going to learn how to use the POT-TY!  Allie was trained just after she turned 2 (http://adventuresofallie.blogspot.com/2013/04/potty-training-101.html), but the thought of practicing the potty when school was in full swing made me nauseous.  So, we waited...and waited until summer...and it's finally here.  So, here we GO!

Ayden has had absolutely NO interest in sitting on the potty.  None at all!  He was pretty adamant that he wanted to keep wearing diapers...forever!  A week ago, the POTTY FAIRY made a visit to our home for the second time in her fairy life and left Ayden some surprises!

The Potty Fairy dropped by to leave a special surprise for Ayden in his potty! 
Lots of potty books, big boy Paw Patrol undies, Goldfish Crackers, PEZ candy and JUICE (to make Ayden go potty)!
 Ayden could also keep track of all his business on his Paw Patrol PAW-ty Chart.

The Potty Fairy also left a bunch of gifts on the counter for Ayden to receive...one for each time he went potty.

Ayden LOVED his new undies...but didn't want to take off his diaper to wear them.  After a little convincing (and bribery with some PEZ) he finally agreed, but protested the whole "change." 

Allie was SUPER excited for Ayden and not jealous of his potty loot one bit.  She was thrilled to see that the Potty Fairy left her some sweet treats too for helping her little bro...which she was very good at doing.  Allie was very encouraging and Ayden's biggest cheerleader.  She was so sweet.  What she wouldn't do for a piece of gum?!?

Ayden had ONE accident that morning...ooops!  However, after that...NONE!!  He stayed dry the rest of the day. He told me when he needed to go..."I need to go potty!"  He was thrilled to sit on his Jack Potty which talked to him and told him to turn the handle when he was done.  He earned all FIVE of his presents for the Potty Fairy that first day...five new MINI-SCOOPERS!  Way to go, Ayden!

Day TWO was about the same.  One accident first thing in the morning...then dry for the rest of the day.  He consistanly told me when he needed to go.  Ayden struggled a bit with thinking he needed to go, but then didn't.  We've had a few false alarms throughout the week...but overall, we are thrilled.  No more diapers in the Hammerick House!!  Whooo-hoo!
Ayden filled up each of the days on his potty chart.  He was so proud of himself that he wanted to start another chart.  It's currently hanging on the garage door with random stickers stuck to it.  Ayden is now a Paw Patrol undie wearing big boy!!  Up next this summer...the Binky Tree!

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