Friday, July 22, 2016

Big Boy Bed

I'm feeling a bit emotional as every last bit of baby is going bye-bye.  Against my will, Ayden's crib that once held my tiny newborn baby boy...was transitioned into a toddler bed, just the right size for my growing AJ. This was not the plan. Operation: Toddler Bed was supposed to occur AFTER the binky was hung up for good...not before. That way when Ayden woke up in the middle of the night and didn't have a binky, he would stay put...IN HIS CRIB!!  However, Ayden had other plans. 

Yesterday, I felt what I thought was Allie crawl across me early in the morning to snuggle up in my bed...until I heard the distinct sound of a binky being sucked did I realize it was AYDEN!  He escaped from his bed!!

And again this morning I opened my eyes to see my handsome boy's beautiful face only inches from mine...he escaped AGAIN!!!

Tonight was the night we veered from our summer plan to turn this babe into a big boy. The crib came down and the toddler rail went up.  He was happy as ever to have a big boy bed he could climb into and OUT of freely. 

We just hope he climbs out after his clock turns yellow!

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