Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bye, Bye Binky

Ayden officially graduated from BABY today.  Operation BIG BOY is complete!  Ayden hung up his binky on the famous Binky Tree...just like his big sissy did about 4 years ago this exact week!

Both of the Hammerick babies LOVED their binkies.  I hate to admit it...but I've loved them too!  They have comforted the littles when they were sad or hurt.  They helped them settle down and stop crying, and they have given me just a little bit more sleep then I'm sure I would have gotten without those wonderful pacifiers.  Allie hung up her binky at 18 months...then we thought she would never sleep again!  Allie's sleeping habits turned HORRIBLE!  We were MISERABLE.  I still have nightmares of sleeping on her floor on a pool floaty ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  Because of that terrible experience...we let Ayden have his binky well past 18 months...we have just about doubled that number.  I knew he wasn't going to go to school with it and if he messed up his teeth...they would fall out anyways because they were baby teeth.  Ayden will turn 3 years old in less than 2 months and we felt it was about time he finally said goodbye to his besties (all 5 of them).

At the beginning of July, I gave Ayden a calendar to start counting down the days till he would make the dreaded trip to the Binky Tree.  We talked and talked about it.  We watched  and listened to all the Elmo songs about saying "bye, bye" to your binky.  I told him he would get a present when he hung up his binky.  He said, "I want to do it now!"  That was two days ago...a week before our scheduled trip to the Binky Tree! 

Our flexible selves decided today was the day.  We made a trip to the toy store and he picked out the biggest Tonka Dump Truck he could find!  After his nap, off we went.

Ayden was ready for this!  He didn't cry or complain...but he did give his binky one last suck (tear).  My little baby isn't a baby anymore.  Todd helped Ayden find a good spot to hang it...and Allie suggested right next to hers.  We "think" we found her binky from 4 years ago.

Bye, bye binky

Here is where Ayden;s binky will forever hang in remembrance of all the good times they had together.

When we returned home, the Binky Fairy (yep, the same one that visited Allie 4 years ago) left a little something for Ayden in exchange for the other binkies left in his bed.  A tooth fairy pillow, toothbrush and brushing book to help keep his teeth healthy now that he doesn't use a binky anymore.  She also left his a new pillow for his big boy bed (just like Allie)!

Thank you binkies for all you have done for Ayden.  He's loved you so these past 3 years.  Mom and Dad have appreciated all the extra comfort and sleep you have given our boy (and parents too!) 

Wish Granted

Another milestone met today!  A goal of Allie's...a New Year's Wish she made some 7 months ago.  A wish to learn how to ride a two-wheeler in 2016!  Today her wish was granted...her goal was met. 

Allie's always been a little timid, nervous and afraid to try riding on her own without training wheels. She has been riding a hand-me-down bike from one of my previous students.  This particular bike was converted into a balance bike in order to teach the concept of balancing before using the pedals.  Allie struggled to ride it as a balance bike because of her short little legs...they just didn't reach the ground for her to get a running start.  We added training wheels and she rode it just fine, but it wasn't teaching her how to balance.  This summer however, she was finally tall enough to use it correctly and she learned to balance!

Allie begged us to put the pedals back on.  She was determined to ride like her older friends.  Todd and I been running alongside her, holding onto her arm (just in case).  She's fallen a time or two.  But today, it just clicked!  Look at her go!

Papa Ray was over when Allie was practicing a couple days before.  He just couldn't wait to buy her a NEW big girl bike. After he saw her riding on a video, he told her to go pick out a new bike!  Allie's request...a RAINBOW bike!  Lucky for her, we found one at Toys R Us...and matching knee and elbow pads too! 
Thanks, Papa sure do know how to put a smile on this little girl's face.  She loves her new bike and is getting really good at riding it. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Big Boy Bed

I'm feeling a bit emotional as every last bit of baby is going bye-bye.  Against my will, Ayden's crib that once held my tiny newborn baby boy...was transitioned into a toddler bed, just the right size for my growing AJ. This was not the plan. Operation: Toddler Bed was supposed to occur AFTER the binky was hung up for good...not before. That way when Ayden woke up in the middle of the night and didn't have a binky, he would stay put...IN HIS CRIB!!  However, Ayden had other plans. 

Yesterday, I felt what I thought was Allie crawl across me early in the morning to snuggle up in my bed...until I heard the distinct sound of a binky being sucked did I realize it was AYDEN!  He escaped from his bed!!

And again this morning I opened my eyes to see my handsome boy's beautiful face only inches from mine...he escaped AGAIN!!!

Tonight was the night we veered from our summer plan to turn this babe into a big boy. The crib came down and the toddler rail went up.  He was happy as ever to have a big boy bed he could climb into and OUT of freely. 

We just hope he climbs out after his clock turns yellow!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Potty Training 201

Summer is in full swing and Ayden has some BIG plans for the summer 2016!  Before Ayden turns the big THREE, he's going to learn how to use the POT-TY!  Allie was trained just after she turned 2 (, but the thought of practicing the potty when school was in full swing made me nauseous.  So, we waited...and waited until summer...and it's finally here.  So, here we GO!

Ayden has had absolutely NO interest in sitting on the potty.  None at all!  He was pretty adamant that he wanted to keep wearing diapers...forever!  A week ago, the POTTY FAIRY made a visit to our home for the second time in her fairy life and left Ayden some surprises!

The Potty Fairy dropped by to leave a special surprise for Ayden in his potty! 
Lots of potty books, big boy Paw Patrol undies, Goldfish Crackers, PEZ candy and JUICE (to make Ayden go potty)!
 Ayden could also keep track of all his business on his Paw Patrol PAW-ty Chart.

The Potty Fairy also left a bunch of gifts on the counter for Ayden to for each time he went potty.

Ayden LOVED his new undies...but didn't want to take off his diaper to wear them.  After a little convincing (and bribery with some PEZ) he finally agreed, but protested the whole "change." 

Allie was SUPER excited for Ayden and not jealous of his potty loot one bit.  She was thrilled to see that the Potty Fairy left her some sweet treats too for helping her little bro...which she was very good at doing.  Allie was very encouraging and Ayden's biggest cheerleader.  She was so sweet.  What she wouldn't do for a piece of gum?!?

Ayden had ONE accident that morning...ooops!  However, after that...NONE!!  He stayed dry the rest of the day. He told me when he needed to go..."I need to go potty!"  He was thrilled to sit on his Jack Potty which talked to him and told him to turn the handle when he was done.  He earned all FIVE of his presents for the Potty Fairy that first day...five new MINI-SCOOPERS!  Way to go, Ayden!

Day TWO was about the same.  One accident first thing in the morning...then dry for the rest of the day.  He consistanly told me when he needed to go.  Ayden struggled a bit with thinking he needed to go, but then didn't.  We've had a few false alarms throughout the week...but overall, we are thrilled.  No more diapers in the Hammerick House!!  Whooo-hoo!
Ayden filled up each of the days on his potty chart.  He was so proud of himself that he wanted to start another chart.  It's currently hanging on the garage door with random stickers stuck to it.  Ayden is now a Paw Patrol undie wearing big boy!!  Up next this summer...the Binky Tree!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Up North for the 4th

Up, up and Houghton Lake for Independence Day 2016! 

We celebrated the 4th with our besties!  Thanks for the fun and RELAXING times on the lake.  We love you guys!

We spent lots of time just hanging out and enjoying our time together.  Ayden took his first jet ski ride with Todd.  He absolutely LOVED the dump truck and played with it pretty much an chance he got...collecting sticks from the yard for the campfire.  The kiddos swam, caught fish (teeny, tiny fish!) and played in the yard together...nicely...most of the time. The fireworks were a big hit as always.  Ayden was unsure at first and would come running and crying every time he heard one...but then when he was them in the sky, he was happy to sit and watch (without the screaming).

Happy 4th from up north Michigan!