Friday, June 17, 2016

We Loved Lynnie's Place

5 years ago, Todd and I left our 9-month old Allie girl with the ladies at Lynnie's Place.  I remember the morning well...I was too busy and nervous about starting the school year to cry about it.  I was leaving my precious little baby in the hands of Lynnie, Debbie, and Ilene...three lovely ladies I had been told where the best daycare out there, over and over again by my teaching colleagues.  Back then, Todd and I had no idea how these ladies would become family to our two littles. 

Allie on her first birthday with Lynnie
Ayden's with his ladies during his first year at daycare
Allie and Ayden are the kind, caring and happy kids they are because of these ladies who contributed to their upbringing.  We cannot begin to express our gratitude for all of the hugs, snuggles, and love you have given our babes when we couldn't.  You were patient, nurturing, overly excited and just happy with them.  

There were a lot of mornings I would come rushing in like a tornado and basically throw my baby at a perfectly calm and HAPPY substitute mommy for my Allie.  I remember dropping off Ayden as he clung to me, crying (Allie too).  Debbie would peel him off and I would run away (usually late for school)...but he was always so happy when I arrived to pick him up.  I was assured that my loves were happy and okay as I gave all my energy to other little kiddos whose mommy's probably felt the same way I did about mine each and every day.  I sure did appreciate all the texts and photos (thanks, Debbie) displaying the wonderful time they were having.  I just wanted them to be hugged and nurtured...and they were, always! 

Today was Ayden's very last official day at Lynnie's Place...but it won't be our last.  We could never leave today and not come back to visit this loving and wonderful place.  My heart will forever smile when I drive by Hauser Way...thinking of all the good times and happy memories my kiddos had.  Allie made two friends for life at Lynnie's, Julia and Robby.  Ayden just loved his Chase-y. 

I'll cherish all of their homemade mugs and handprint art for mother's and father's day and the ghost feet print pictures from Halloween.  They will be a constant reminder of you gals.  Thank you, thank you...from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our kiddos when we couldn't.  They were in good hands and were yummed up from day one until now.  These 5 years have been incredible and we truly appreciate all you have done to help our Allie and Ayden grow into their future selves.  We love you ladies...thank you.

Ayden's last day at Lynnie's Place

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