Saturday, June 25, 2016


On our road trip back to Lake Pymatuning...we made a pit stop at Punxsutawney to see the famous PHIL!  I was so excited!  I teach my students all about Phil, his groundhog traditions and show the video of Phil coming out of his burrow to predict the weather.  I prepped Allie ahead of time...we checked out books from the library and talked about Phil.  She remember some from school too from back in February.
We first stopped by Phil's burrow and watched Phil and his wife, Phyllis, sleep so peacefully.


All around town there are statues of Phil...30+ in all.  We came across a few, but didn't stay long enough to find them all. 
Our last excursion was to the famous Gobbler's Knob to see where Phil makes his annual weather predictions.  The kiddos looked inside Phil's burrow and went up on stage too.

The souvenir shop was super cute and we purchased a girl scout patch for Allie too!  She only has a couple more things to do to earn it when we get back home.  Her vest is going to have some super cool patches from out east!

Another bucket list destination checked off our list.

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