Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fun in Philly

Between our days at Sesame...we thought we'd explore a little in Philly.  PLUS...Allie could earn a another Girl Scout patch from the Philadelphia Girl Scouts.  We checked out a ton of books about the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross and Independence Hall before we left.  Allie was well educated about our country's history. 

Unfortunately...this was the morning I woke up not feeling so well.  I was struggling to put on a good face and prance around the city.  I managed.


Betsy's sewing room.

Pretending to be in her colonial kitchen.

In Franklin Square we had lunch (except me) and played a super cute round of putt-putt.  All the holes were Philly themed from places in the city. 
Before we headed out, Allie was sworn in as a Junior Ranger.  She completed the appropriate activities and received a special ranger pin.  How cool!

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