Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cookies for Sale

The cutest little Daisy scout is hit'n everyone up we know for some delicious, original Girl Scout cookies!!  I took this cookie selling experience for everything it's worth.  Allie is learning so many skills...planning, organization, goal setting, communication, social, teamwork, and financial...all at the age of 5 years old!!!  Allies cookie goal was to sell 100 boxes on there pre-order form. 

I made a cookie bingo for Allie and I to play together so she could become familiar with the difference kinds of cookies. She wrote a letter to all the teachers at school and we made a little display for the teachers lounge. She got TONS of orders!!

We spent a little time learning about money and how to count it. We practiced taking money for boxes of cookies...$4.00!  

Allie wrote a letter to her classmates as well asking if any of them would like to buy some cookies too!  We got lots more orders!!  Thanks friends for helping Allie reach her goal!

Allie's pre-orders totaled 123 boxes in all!!  Way to go, Allie girl!  You did it!  You made your first goal!!  Then it came time to sort, package, and deliver all those cookies!  Our little business girl got to work!

Next up was COOKIE BOOTH SALES!!  We happen to have a snow day two days before Allie was scheduled to sell at her first booth at Kroger.  I found a really cute idea (on Pinterest, of course) to make a sign for Allie to wear. It was a HUGE hit!  People couldn't say no to this little Samoa!  

Allie ROCKED it a booth sales!  I was so proud of her.  She went right up to customers and asked them if they wanted to buy any Girl Scout cookies...and if the said "no" Allie asked if they wanted to donate any boxes to the "army people."  She's a smart cookie!!
When all was said and done, this little Daisy scout sold over 300 boxes of cookies!!!  I'm so proud of her!  She racked up the prizes and earned lots of cookie patches!  Her favorite had to be her new Daisy Cow plushy. 

Todd and I gave Allie a little gift for all her hard work this year as a Daisy...and I needed a good reason to give her a new Daisy shirt I bought for her earlier this year!  She got a matching daisy barrette to wear with her uniform and new shirt, a Girl Scout headband...and a box of her favorite cookies, THIN MINTS!

What a great experience for Allie...I see many more cookies sale seasons in our future!  So proud of you!

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