Saturday, June 11, 2016

Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?

It's one week and counting!!!  Today, the littles found out about our little secret!  We are heading to Sesame Place the day after school is out!  Todd and I figured this was the perfect summer to take the drive out east to see all our favorite friends at Sesame Street.  Ayden is just old enough and Allie is still young enough to get into the fun of the characters. 

The Sesame Street Gang stopped by today and left a little invitation and some other goodies too!  How cool!?!


Each got a goody bucket filled with their own plushy, personalized shirt to wear at Sesame Place, and an autograph book to get all their favorite characters signatures!  Todd and I even got a shirt too!  We can't wait to go!

It took a few minutes for Allie to figure out what in the world Sesame Place was.  I showed her some videos and commercials on line and she all of sudden got super excited.  She said she can't wait to ride the roller coaster!  Oh my!  I hope so!!!  Thank goodness it's only ONE WEEK away!  We better get packing! Hello, Summer Vacation!!!

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