Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tiger's Game

We had the best time today at Comerica Park.  It was Girl Scout Day!!  Allie and some 2,000 Girl Scouts from southeastern MI all came out to support the Detroit Tigers.  This was also Allie and Ayden's FIRST EVER Tiger's game!

The West Bloomfield Daisy's and Brownie's gathered together to parade the field before the game.  We were the FIRST ones out on the field!! How cool is that?!?

Allie and Hallie making a run for it!

Shayne, Marissa (my students!) and Allie
Allie and Ayden enjoyed the game...

...especially the COTTON CANDY...

...and the carousel too!

These little Tiger's got a certificate to remember their first Tiger's game...and Ayden wouldn't cooperate for the photo.

YEAH!!!  GO TIGER'S!!!  Tiger's won 9-5!


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