Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rainbow Spots

A few weeks ago my peach came to me and complained she was seeing rainbow spots.  Being the teacher I am...I blew her off just like I do whenever she or any of my students come to me with their complaints of a pain, ache or scratch a half a dozen times a day.  Allie's complaints continued...rainbow spots...really?

After a couple weeks, Todd finally investigated (he's good at that) by researching on the internet...and apparently seeing rainbow spots is a real condition...REALLY?!?  So, being the responsible parents were are, we scheduled her an eye appointment at the optometrist.  Allie was convinced she was getting glasses at this appointment she would soon be going to.

Yesterday, the doctor concluded that Allie's eyes were 100% healthy and she has perfect vision (as of now)!!  I know one day the poor thing will be doomed with my terrible eyesight.  Allie was soooooo disappointed she DIDN'T need glasses and WASN'T getting them.  Today we went to the mall and made a special stop by Claire's Accessories.  Allie picked out a fabulous pair of RAINBOW FASHION glasses! 

She reports that the spots are GONE when she wears her glasses.  RAINBOW glasses fixed the RAONBOW spots...who knew!?!  She does rock those specs pretty well.

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