Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day & My Birthday

Every five years or so...I'm lucky enough to have Mother's Day fall on my birthday. Today the Hammerics ventured to the clouds as Todd took us all was the littles very first flight with Daddy!

Allie sat in the front and was thrilled to help Todd fly. 

Ayden and I sat in the back together. 

Ayden didn't feel as much love as his soo as we took off his pouty lip protruded and his eyes became teary. He said, "I wanna get out" and "I wanna go home."  I got him to calm down...and soon after that he was taking a little snooze.  

I loved my LuLu gift card from my fave's...and of course, my homemade gifts from daycare and school.


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