Saturday, May 14, 2016

Back At It

Look who finally started back up in swim class!!!  A couple months go, Ayden cried and cried because he couldn't go to swim class with Allie. So, we signed him up. But when it came time to go...he threw a fit!  Wouldn't get his swimsuit on. Threw a tantrum and fell to the floor. I waved the white flag. Parent fail!  

A few weeks ago he wanted to go swimming...again. Soooo...we signed him up...again. But when the day came to go...he refused...AGAIN!  This time I managed to coax him into his suit and get him to the pool. He cried (of course) when I handed him over. Luckily Ayden has a super great coach and managed to create lots of fun for him.  He only cried for 15 minutes.

It's been a bit of a battle ever since.  Ayden still says he doesn't want to go swimming, but after a few playdates with his coach, he's seemed to grow a little more accustom to the idea...he HAS to go to swim class.  The best part of swim class to Ayden...squirting his coach with the squirt gun, playing with shower, and getting a sucker before he leaves. 

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