Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Parade

These little FIRECRACKERS were all revved up for the parade this morning!  They couldn't wait to show their patriotism...and collect some candy!


Allie earned a girl scout patch today called MEMORIAL DAY.  She wrote letters and colored pictures to soldiers and veterans showing her thanks and gratitude for our freedom and safety.  During the parade, she delivered her letters to the veterans...with a little help from Dad.  Great job, Allie!  Patch earned!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tiger's Game

We had the best time today at Comerica Park.  It was Girl Scout Day!!  Allie and some 2,000 Girl Scouts from southeastern MI all came out to support the Detroit Tigers.  This was also Allie and Ayden's FIRST EVER Tiger's game!

The West Bloomfield Daisy's and Brownie's gathered together to parade the field before the game.  We were the FIRST ones out on the field!! How cool is that?!?

Allie and Hallie making a run for it!

Shayne, Marissa (my students!) and Allie
Allie and Ayden enjoyed the game...

...especially the COTTON CANDY...

...and the carousel too!

These little Tiger's got a certificate to remember their first Tiger's game...and Ayden wouldn't cooperate for the photo.

YEAH!!!  GO TIGER'S!!!  Tiger's won 9-5!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Get'n Knotty in Shoe Tying Class

Allie is now an official shoe tyer. After 30 minutes in the shoe tying class this morning at Nordstroms...she is a pro!  Her kindergarten teacher is so thankful!  Now she knows who she can send all the kiddos to with untied shoes!

Rainbow Spots

A few weeks ago my peach came to me and complained she was seeing rainbow spots.  Being the teacher I am...I blew her off just like I do whenever she or any of my students come to me with their complaints of a pain, ache or scratch a half a dozen times a day.  Allie's complaints continued...rainbow spots...really?

After a couple weeks, Todd finally investigated (he's good at that) by researching on the internet...and apparently seeing rainbow spots is a real condition...REALLY?!?  So, being the responsible parents were are, we scheduled her an eye appointment at the optometrist.  Allie was convinced she was getting glasses at this appointment she would soon be going to.

Yesterday, the doctor concluded that Allie's eyes were 100% healthy and she has perfect vision (as of now)!!  I know one day the poor thing will be doomed with my terrible eyesight.  Allie was soooooo disappointed she DIDN'T need glasses and WASN'T getting them.  Today we went to the mall and made a special stop by Claire's Accessories.  Allie picked out a fabulous pair of RAINBOW FASHION glasses! 

She reports that the spots are GONE when she wears her glasses.  RAINBOW glasses fixed the RAONBOW spots...who knew!?!  She does rock those specs pretty well.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Allie's 5th Baptism Birthday

Allie said she wanted to wait for Todd to get home to celebrate her Baptism Birthday this year...but when she saw the present on the table when she woke up, he mind changed quickly!  Allie decided that Facetime was just as good.

Allie's gift was things for her church bag...religious themed coloring and sticker sheets to keep her busy during mass.  Happy blessed day, Allie Girl.  You continue to make God proud of you.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Back At It

Look who finally started back up in swim class!!!  A couple months go, Ayden cried and cried because he couldn't go to swim class with Allie. So, we signed him up. But when it came time to go...he threw a fit!  Wouldn't get his swimsuit on. Threw a tantrum and fell to the floor. I waved the white flag. Parent fail!  

A few weeks ago he wanted to go swimming...again. Soooo...we signed him up...again. But when the day came to go...he refused...AGAIN!  This time I managed to coax him into his suit and get him to the pool. He cried (of course) when I handed him over. Luckily Ayden has a super great coach and managed to create lots of fun for him.  He only cried for 15 minutes.

It's been a bit of a battle ever since.  Ayden still says he doesn't want to go swimming, but after a few playdates with his coach, he's seemed to grow a little more accustom to the idea...he HAS to go to swim class.  The best part of swim class to Ayden...squirting his coach with the squirt gun, playing with shower, and getting a sucker before he leaves. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day & My Birthday

Every five years or so...I'm lucky enough to have Mother's Day fall on my birthday. Today the Hammerics ventured to the clouds as Todd took us all was the littles very first flight with Daddy!

Allie sat in the front and was thrilled to help Todd fly. 

Ayden and I sat in the back together. 

Ayden didn't feel as much love as his soo as we took off his pouty lip protruded and his eyes became teary. He said, "I wanna get out" and "I wanna go home."  I got him to calm down...and soon after that he was taking a little snooze.  

I loved my LuLu gift card from my fave's...and of course, my homemade gifts from daycare and school.