Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bitty Bombs

These Bitties were the BOMB this season!!  Allie had a third successful season of cheer. She loved every minute on stage and definitely perfected her cartwheel this season. Allie progressed into bright red lipstick, mascara...and a fake pony this season!

These six cuties competed in 3 competitions this being travel to Kalahari!  Much fun for everyone.   They made so much progress...starting with markers and coaches on the floor to competing all on their own!!!  The finished amazingly!



These early cheer memories will forever be cherished...Talk'n 'bout the Bitty Bombs! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lego League 2016

Allie just LOVED being on a Lego League team this year!  What a fun and educational opportunity to partake in.  This year's Jr. FLL theme was WASTE WISE.  Im so thankful Allie was on a team with three of my students!!  It was wonderful to spend some extra time with them. She also had two amazing coaches...thanks ladies for making rid such a great experience for all. 

Allie and her team first had to come up with a team name...RECYCLE FRIENDS.  The Recycle Friends had to choose one piece of trash and build a Lego model about their piece of trash.  After a vote, the PLASTIC BOTTLE was the big winner...and they chose to build a grocery store recycling center for their model!

The Recycle Friends took a field trip to Kroger to learn about how they recycle.  They also researched information on the internet about how many states recycle and what happens to a plastic bottle after it is recycled.  Did you know only 10 states offer bottle refunds and Michigan is the only state that offers a higher refund of $0.10?  That's CRAZY!

Allie and her team built their model and created their display board as a team following the Jr. FLL core values.  Great job, Recycle Friends!

Their model had to have one simple machine and one moving part.  The grocery store they built had a moving conveyer belt at the cash register.  Their team took a field trip to the ROBOT GARAGE to learn about how to place Lego gears correctly in order to have the belt move at an appropriate speed.  It was so cool!

Allie's biography on the display board

The display board that shows all their research

Marissa, Allie and Isabella

The Recycle Friends...Shayne, Marissa, Lexi, Allie, Andrew, and Isbella

Each LL team displayed and presented about their model at the Lego League Showcase at the WB High School.  Each team member was responsible for showing off and presenting a part of their learning process.

Presenting their model to the judges

Congratulations team!  I'm so proud of you for learning all you did about recycling, building and creating a super cool model, and presenting all that you learned and did! 

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Allie and I went to see Pinkalicious the Musical this afternoon. A few other friends from school also joined us. This was a special Girl Scout showing of the musical.


We had a fun afternoon downtown and then I was conned into stopping for ice cream on the way home (I just can't say to ice cream!).  Love these special days with my Daisy. 

Allie's First Pet

It all began on winter break Friday...Allie and I had a special day shopping on our day off from school.  She asked if we could go into the pet store...she left asking for a pet.   She hasn't stopped since. 

Todd and I finally gave in when she proved she was responsible.  Today was the big that Allie got her two new besties...Shimmer and Starlight.  I have to admit, her new GloFish are super cool.  Her tank and everything in it glows in the dark.  Todd is training Allie how to care for her fish.  We checked out books from the library on how to set up her tank. 

We hope Shimmer and Starlight love their new home...and stay with us a super long time.