Saturday, March 12, 2016

Our Leprechaun Visits

He's BACK!!!  LUCKY the Leprechaun left some green cheer for the Hammerick family this weekend!  Allie and Ayden both found a path of green shamrocks leading them to our kitchen table, which was filled with some special green surprises!!  We found GREEN rice krispie treats and GREEN cereal on our table...and GREEN milk in our fridge.  He left the wee ones some new rainbow paint and a huge new container of rainbow markers (that Ayden wanted to use right away...after he gobbled down his sticky green krispie treat and green pouch too!) 

Lucky left a letter letting us know he was so happy we learned about the true meaning of St. Patrick's Day...AND that he left a little bit of his gold hidden in our house somewhere.  He left clues all around.  Allie was very considerate letting Ayden find some of them too!  We sure are LUCKY to have you LUCKY!  We look forward to your visit every year!

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