Sunday, March 27, 2016


Easter came super early this year...I was not thrilled.  Lukily Easter weekend turned out to be somewhat spring-like.  The littles dyed and decorated our eggs the day before...and only about half of them cracked.

We left out some carrots and jellybeans for the bunny...along with some eggs for him to hide for us.

Bright and early on Easter morning we found some treats and treasures waiting for us.  Allie's basket was filled with a chocolate bunny, shoes for her American Girl doll, a Pez dispenser, Easter fuze beads, bubbles, a mini lego set, and a My Little Pony.  She also found a ticket to see Pinkalicious (a Girl Scout event)!

Ayden found lots of good things in his basket...a chocolate bunny, bubbles, a Pez dispenser, bunny chalk,  and a bag to pack full of activities to take in restaurants when we go out to eat (just like Sissy has). 

TheEaster Bunny usually leaves a little something for Todd and, Twix and Reese's Egg!  Just a few of our favorite.  He also left a ticket for me to see Pinkalicious too!

Ayden loved picking up the eggs the Easter Bunny left all over the house...and finding little treats in all of them too!

All dressed for dinner at Nana's with an egg hunt too!  Happy Easter 2016!

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