Friday, March 4, 2016

200 Books!

Over the past 2.5 months, Allie (and her mom) have enjoyed reading not 100...but 200 books. The 200 book list was put together by the WB library for all kindergartens on the district.

Allie completed her first 100 books in about a month...thanks to the two week winter break we had.

The second hundred took us until the deadline. Allie finished just in time...with only a day to spare!

Way to go Allie!!  You did it! ...with a lot little help from Dad, my students, Nana, and even YouTube!  ...and your mom, of course!!

Allie was rewarded with a fabulous light-up slinky and a super cool rainbow chevron reading pointer from Mr. Atkinson, our information and technology specialist (aka: librarian). She was absolutely thrilled with her prizes. 

Allie has had some Build-A-Bear Workshop gift cards hanging over head and I promised her we could going she met her goal of 200 books.  So, off we went the following day!  Jewel from Lalaloopsy was her chosen prize!  Congrats, my love!

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