Sunday, February 14, 2016

All My Loves

Allie's new LOVE lately is HOT we all decided to share her new love with our friends (and my students too)!  Allie and I dipped Valentine spoons to add to her class Valentine's.  Ayden did his part too by helping stuff the bags.

I'm so blessed to have this girl at school with me this year...I was able to attend her party for a bit while my kids were at specials.  She had a blast (as always) with her BFF's.  Thanks, Nicole for playing "Mommy" for me when I had to scoot out.  Allie and Seayena had a LOVELY time being little goofballs!!

This Valentine's morning, Allies special request was pink hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls...shaped into hearts, of course!  Everyone helped out in the kitchen this morning.


A little surprise this morning to make this day a little SWEETER!  Allie was thrilled with her new Snackeez Cup...she's been asking for one FOREVER!


Valentine fun with the FAM this morning...dinner with my LOVE this evening...and a great Valentine's Day for all!

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