Saturday, January 9, 2016

Go Figure!

This little snow bunny blew me away today!  Allie is officially an ice skater!  So thankful Austin invited us to his 6th birthday at the ice rink.  This was Allie's second time skating (if 10 minutes on the cruise ships counts?!?) 

At first Allie was holding onto the wall AND to me, as well.  I soon convinced her to hold one or the other...but not both.  She was a little reluctant, but our brave girl was determined to ice skate.  After she mastered that, she started to let go of all her supports...and she was OFF!  She took a couple spills, one with both feet in the air and her bum smack to the ice.  After a few tears, she was bounced right back...literally.

I'm so proud of my ice princess.  Way to go, Allie girl.  We will definitely have to visit the ice rink again this season.

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