Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tip Up Town 2016

Houghton Lake's Tip Up Town was so much fun for the Hammerick's this year!! So thankful we were invited by our besties...the Ader's. Love you guys!!

Tons of fun was had by all outside on the lake. 


At the festival...snow much more fun!!

Fun on the ferris wheel!

...and one last play in the snow!  Check out our Tip Up Town Snowman!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ayden's Baptism B-day

It's our tradition to celebrate Ayden's special day...the day he was baptized.  We set the table for his special day.  Look at those sweet little shoes and bonnet! 

I read John the Baptist from Ayden's Bible aloud.  We all sang and Ayden blew out his Baptism candle (...and Allie may have had had a turn too).  Then Ayden tore into his gift...the best part of the day!

Ayden has been going to church with Todd and I while Allie attends Sunday School classes.  He's been borrowing Allie's church bag to keep him busy during mass...but no longer!  Ayden can now feel just as cool as his big sister now!

Happy Baptism Birthday, buddy! 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Go Figure!

This little snow bunny blew me away today!  Allie is officially an ice skater!  So thankful Austin invited us to his 6th birthday at the ice rink.  This was Allie's second time skating (if 10 minutes on the cruise ships counts?!?) 

At first Allie was holding onto the wall AND to me, as well.  I soon convinced her to hold one or the other...but not both.  She was a little reluctant, but our brave girl was determined to ice skate.  After she mastered that, she started to let go of all her supports...and she was OFF!  She took a couple spills, one with both feet in the air and her bum smack to the ice.  After a few tears, she was bounced right back...literally.

I'm so proud of my ice princess.  Way to go, Allie girl.  We will definitely have to visit the ice rink again this season.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Winter Break

This BREAK wasn't the break I had expected.  Although it was a break from school, Todd was working EVERY SINGLE DAY (boo).  The kids and I spent many days in our jammies just hanging out at home.   
Allie was a little worker these two weeks.  She worked on earning her Daisy badge.  She practiced the Girl Scout Law (taught it to her brother), did projects, read from her Girl Scout books, practiced counting money and learned the names of all the Girl Scout cookies to prepare for her cookie sales in the upcoming months.
We made multiple trips to the library to check out books from Allie's "100 BOOKS TO READ IN KINDERGARTEN" chart.  We managed to put a pretty big dent in it!  Ayden listened to all the stories (by default) as I read to Allie aloud. 

I guess you could say Allie had a pretty productive winter break!  My week, however, was not as productive with my two besties around 24-7.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Well...this New Year's Eve was a first...Todd had to work (Boo!)  so the kids and got dressed in our GREEN for the big game tonight. GO STATE!  Then we headed to Meijer to pick up our wish balloons. 

Bye, bye 2015 and hello 2016!  The Hammerick's are ready to accomplish more goals this upcoming year!!

Ayden is wishing to play a little soccer this next year. He was super excited to pick out his BLUE balloon and let his wish go!  

He's still working on his wish from give up his binkie 😁. He has given it up all day long (it's just his naps and at nighttime he uses it...YIKES!). We'll get there!

Allie's wish for 2015 was to learn how to do cartwheel. She's pretty much got the concept...she's just working on straightening her legs a tad. 

It took Allie a bit to decide what her wish was going to be for 2016. She finally decided that she wanted to learn how to ride two-wheeler this coming year!!  I can't wait!!

It didn't take me very long to think of my wish...I just want to stay at Gretchko for while (a long while). I've had enough moving schools. My wish is to stay put and have both my kids tag along to school with me too. Allie was all about my wish...she LOVES Gretchko!


Just before bed, the kiddos made their new year's crowns and we poured our traditional green punch. Allie made her own 12 grape garnish (and so did Ayden, with a little help). 


Here's to a successful, low-stress, joyful, and wonderful 2016!  May all of your wishes come true in 2016 too!