Friday, December 11, 2015

Star of the Week

Our STAR (of the week) was super excited for this week at school.  She talked and talked about it weeks before she even knew her special week was approaching.  Allie and I spent the weekend preparing her "All About Me" poster.  Allie was the sweetest and said, "I'm so happy your my kids have these cool stickers like you do."  (melt my heart)  My stash of stickers definitely came is super handy with only having a weekend to make our masterpiece. 

Allie brought her poster to school to share on Monday.  On Tuesday, she shared a favorite book, Make Way for Ducklings and her Boston Baby book.  She shared about her adventures in Boston after she was born.  Wednesday, Allie shared her special interest...CHEER! with her uniform, photos and a video from her last competition.  Finally on Thursday, Allie brought in her PEZ collection to share her special item.  Allie was rewarded with a certificate on Friday that went directly into her keepsake box.

Although Allie was the STAR for only a week in her class...she is OUR STAR every day in the Hammerick family.  Shine on, Allie girl...and reach for those stars now and always!

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