Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Morning 2015

HE CAME!  HE CAME!  SANTA CAME!!  Allie could hardly wait for Todd and I to get up out of bed to make our way downstairs.  She was in awww as she stepped foot into the family room.  The sacks disappeared.  The milk was drank.  Only cookie crumbs were left on the plate.  Under the tree lay treasures and trinkets for two little Hammericks. 

This year we learned that Santa leaves THREE main gifts for us...because there were THREE wise men that visited baby Jesus when after he was born.  The three kings brought gifts of gifts gold, frankincense and myrrh, so our gifts represent those items (something we want, something for our mind, and something for our body). 

Allie was very happy that Santa remembered that she wanted a SCOOTER!  He choose the color RED because it's his favorite color.  He also brought Allie a new pair or pink Crocs and a Tag reader set.

As soon as Ayden saw his new Dusty AIRPLANE, he went straigt for it, hopped on, and was riding around the house like a pro!  He also received some much needed diapers (Santa won't be bringing those next year, hopefully) and some new puzzles too.

We pulled up the rugs and the kiddos spent most of the morning riding around the house!  They had a blast!

Santa also filled all our stockings.  I found some cute boot socks, hair ties, and a selfie stick in my stocking.  Todd found lots of K-cups, candy and a gift card to Cheesecake Factory with a message from Santa saying, "Take your beautiful wife out to dinner!"  Allie's stocking contained new shoes for her American Girl doll, toothpaste and socks and Ayden dug pouches and a new train out of his stocking.  Both kiddos found a new PEZ too to add to their collections.

Another great Christmas morning with long lasting memories!  Merry, merry Christmas!!

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