Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking Back on 2015

As 2015 comes to an end...the Hammerick's are feeling BLESSED, JOYFUL, and EXHAUSTED!  Here are some of our most memorable moments from the past year.
The Hammerick's participated in our first TIP UP TOWN experience.
 (Boring month!)
Allie and I went to Frozen on Ice...and paid $30 for cotton candy.
Ayden got his first haircut...
...and Allie started Sunday School at church
Belle visited for the first time not during the Christmas season...
...and Allie completed her first science experiment
Ayden had his first big fall.
The Hammerick's visited friends at Houghton Lake for the 4th...
...visited family in Pennsylvania...
...and "vacationed" in Chattanooga while Todd was working there.

We visiting our college roomies and life-long friends in Harbor Springs...
...we went on a Caribbean cruise to Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten...
...and tried to enjoy the very last little bit of our summer
while I began unpacking my classroom in another new school...yet again.
Allie and I began our school year together at Gretchko...
...and Ayden took his very last sticky belly photo... he turned 2 years old.
For the first time every, nobody cried at their flu mists!
A new little elf became a member of the Hammerick family.
Allie turned 5!
...and Todd worked 27 out of 31 days this month (10 days away in Chicago)...which left me to pretty much plan and prepare everything Christmas...with two little (not so much) helpers.

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