Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gingerbread House Making 2015

Hooray for Gingerbread House making day!!  Thanks, Aunt Jess, for hosting.  We always love coming over and making our annual gingerbread houses for the holidays!  These sweet kiddos probably ate more candy than what ended up on their houses!

Ayden loved putting stuff on his house (with a little help)!  He did a pretty good job! Allie was all about decorating her house.  She was very creative and thought of some really cool ideas.



Ayden's Gingerbread House

Allie's Gingerbread House

Our gingerbread village.  Great job everyone! 

Allie was very proud of her house...and even refrained from eating it.  Hopefully it will make it all the way till Christmas!!!  They are too cute to eat! 

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