Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

We are so thankful Todd made it home just in time for our Christmas Eve celebrations!  Our Christmas Eve was spent at home with our family.  Ayden was able to get his nap in so there was no crankiness on such a wonderful day.  Auntie Linda, Aunt Jess, Cousin Ethan, Papa Ray, Nana and Papa were all able to come over to celebrate with us.

Surprisingly the weather was very mild this Christmas...I was able to snap a few photos outside in our Christmas attire.

Best Cousins
All the little enjoying their Christmas Eve dinner!  Yum!  Desserts too...more YUM!

...and the best part of the day (according to Allie...and probably Ayden too)...the PRESENTS!  This year Allie and Ayden opened their presents at the same time.  Allie finished in record time and then helped everyone else open all their gifts.  Allie and Ayden  (and I) made our traditional hand/footprint plate for Todd.  They came out soooo cute this year...I was pretty pleased!  Ayden was happy to help Papa Ray open up all his candy he received...and sample all the pieces too. He was Papa's buddy for a bit.

Allie's Christmas loot consisted of American Girl clothes and accessories, books, a cheerleading shirt, a personalized bank.  Mouse Trap game and Cabbage Patch clothes and a playpen (or pack 'n play as Allie calls it). 

Ayden made out pretty well too...he received a personalized memory box and bank, a truck, magnitiles, Thomas bath toys, Hungry Hungry Hippo, a Lions wall plaque, a wagon, books, and applesauce pouches (his favorite gift by far!)

After all our family departed, we bundled up and grabbed our reindeer food.  These little elves wanted to make sure Santa would see our house and make a stop here!

Jingle and Belle gave us SPECIAL permission to TOUCH them tonight!  Allie could hardly wait all day for this moment.  Allie picked out some yummy cookies she thought Santa would like and Ayden helped with the milk.  Then she oh so gently picked up Belle from our tree and brought her upstairs to set her right by Santa's plate of cookies (so he wouldn't miss them)!  Ayden held Jingle at first and gave him a hug...but then was not at all interested in holding Jingle for a I had to help.  We also left our sacks for Santa by our tree!  Santa is going to take our old toys and fix them up for other girls and boys.

The littles were in bed just before 9:00...waiting to fall asleep for Christmas morning.  Today was joyful and very low stress...JUST what we all needed!  So thankful for our memories together.  Merry Christmas Eve from the Hammerick's...and to all a good night!

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