Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Allie's 5th BirthDAY

There's was no whining or crying this morning when Allie woke up.  She was as happy as ever to get out of bed.  She put on her birthday outfit and headed downstairs...LOOK who we found!!!  With a present too!

Allie very patiently waiting while I got all of our school things ready...so I could snap a few photos while she opened her present from Jingle and Belle.   Allie was very pleased with her new birthday cake set...and Ayden was even more pleased when Allie went to school and he got to play with it all day!

At school, birthday's are celebrated with mom's and dad's coming in to read to the birthday kiddo's class.  Allie sat next to her daddy while he read The Elf of the Shelf Birthday Tradition that Jingle and Belle brought this morning.  I was able to sneak out of my classroom to visit for just a few minuets too!

Allie was beyond thrilled to get to leave a few minutes early with Todd after he was finished reading. 
Allie's dinner request...SPAGHETTI!  Done!  Happy 5th BirthDAY, Allie Girl!

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