Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Allie is 5!

I remember sitting in the hospital 5 years ago today, thinking that in 5 years from now, this tiny, helpless baby would be in KINDERGARTEN!  At that moment I told myself, "Take the time to pay attention to her...my sweet Allie girl. Whenever you rock her, stop and enjoy the moment. Soak up every smile and giggle."  Even those long nights when she refused to sleep or demanded to have me in the room, on the floor, to sleep with her...I told myself, "I'll miss this someday."  Or those long days when a crabby, clingy, sick Allie made me hold her all day long...I told myself, "Enjoy these snuggles."

That day is finally here....5 years later. Allie is 5 and in kindergarten.


She is independent, sweet, loving and caring. She loves to dress up, sing and dance. Playing school is a favorite activity. Allie loves chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, and hot chocolate. She takes pride in her "work" and loves crafting and creating. Her favorite show is American Ninja Warrier...watching it with Daddy. She's protective and caring of her brother and enjoys taking him for rides in her Power Wheels car. 

Dear Allie,

You are smart, silly, beautiful and sassy. I'm so proud of your accomplishments in cheerleading, swimming, school and your good choices. You are such a kind girl and strive to be the best in all you do. Your spirit is captivity and I love our time together...doing Daisies, reading, shopping, driving to school or playing restaurant. Know that I love you to pieces and will always support you in life's adventures. Happy, happy birthday, love. 

Love, Mommy

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