Saturday, December 5, 2015

Allie's 5th Birthday Party

Allie's chosen birthday theme this year was My Little Pony!!  Allie has really gotten into ponies since I've been giving her my "vintage" ones here and there. Recently she has declared that ponies are her favorite animal as well.

We struggled a bit to find the perfect pony birthday place...but stumbled upon Bower's Farm that had an inside area for cake and ice birthday's in the December...brrrr!!!


I had fun learning how to use my new Cricut while making all the decorations!!  They came out so adorable and Allie was giddy about all the ponies on the centerpieces. 

Allie's cake represented Rainbow Dash perfectly...she LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!

There was yummy Rarity PB & J sandwiches, Pinkie Pie lemonade, Twilight Sparkle magic wands, Rainbow Dash fruit, Applejack applesauce, and  Fluttershy animal treats.  

All these little pony lovers took a hayride around the farm.

Back at the barn they petted and milked the goats. 


Finally, everyone had a chance to groom the ponies, see their saddles, and learn a little about them too!

Back in the warmth, we enjoyed some food and treats.  Sallie sat at a table with a bunch of her girl friends.  Time to sing...and blow out the BIG 5 CANDLE! was the most anticipated time...PRESENTS.  It amazes me that I really don't need to help Allie anymore with gifts...she could have handled the whole thing herself.  (TEAR)  I guess I'm going to have to accept that she's no longer really a pre-schooler.  We have an official "KID" now. 

Allie received so many wonderful gifts.  She was very polite and made sure to tell everyone thank you (proud momma).  Some of her gifts included...lots of My Little Pony things (toys, clothes, ornaments, and hair accessories), a craft weaving loom, books, clothes, Barbies, and an art set.

Allie is very thankful and appreciative for all her friends she has...old and new.  She is becoming a polite, kind-hearted, and caring young girl because of all the positive friend and family influences in her life.  Thank you all for coming for your love and friendship.  Allie loves you all! 


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