Thursday, December 24, 2015

Adventures of Jingle and Belle

This Christmas season has been a blast with our TWO little elf friends!  We were so very lucky to have Jingle join our family this year.  Allie and Ayden have LOVED searching for them each and every morning...and finding little treats hear and there.  Jingle and Belle have given assignments to our family...write a letter to Santa, mail out Christmas cards, go to the tree lighting festival, have a bake day, watch a Christmas movie and eat Christmas popcorn, and even snuggle on the couch with hot chocolate on the first day of winter vacation!  They've done some silly things take a marshmallow bubble bath or read stories to our PEZ dispensers. 


Jingle and Belle made a special sack in their workshop for Allie and Ayden and left them hanging on our mantle.  Their job was to pick out old toys laying around the house they no longer play with.  They are to leave their sacks by the tree on Christmas Eve.  When Santa comes, he will fix them up, good as new, for other girls and boys, but leave new toys in their place!  Allie filled hers up right away!

Belle and Jingle have been with us for the entire month of December...but now on December 24th, they landed in our tree in our basement (where we open our family gifts) so they can say goodbye to everyone and participate in our Christmas cheer when we celebrate with our family and open gifts tonight.  They also left one last little gift for our kiddos.
Each elf wrote a letter and said that it was okay for them to be touched tonight (just before bedtime).  Allie was to take Belle, and Ayden was to take Jingle...give them a hug and kiss goodbye. However, they have to make sure to leave them by Santa's plate of cookies so the jolly fellow can find them and take them back to the North Pole safely with him. 

Thanks for visiting the Hammerick's, Jingle and Belle.  It's been real fun!  I do hope you had some good reports for Santa on your trips back up to the North Pole each night.  Thanks for giving us some great memories this 2015 Christmas season!

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