Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking Back on 2015

As 2015 comes to an end...the Hammerick's are feeling BLESSED, JOYFUL, and EXHAUSTED!  Here are some of our most memorable moments from the past year.
The Hammerick's participated in our first TIP UP TOWN experience.
 (Boring month!)
Allie and I went to Frozen on Ice...and paid $30 for cotton candy.
Ayden got his first haircut...
...and Allie started Sunday School at church
Belle visited for the first time not during the Christmas season...
...and Allie completed her first science experiment
Ayden had his first big fall.
The Hammerick's visited friends at Houghton Lake for the 4th...
...visited family in Pennsylvania...
...and "vacationed" in Chattanooga while Todd was working there.

We visiting our college roomies and life-long friends in Harbor Springs...
...we went on a Caribbean cruise to Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten...
...and tried to enjoy the very last little bit of our summer
while I began unpacking my classroom in another new school...yet again.
Allie and I began our school year together at Gretchko...
...and Ayden took his very last sticky belly photo... he turned 2 years old.
For the first time every, nobody cried at their flu mists!
A new little elf became a member of the Hammerick family.
Allie turned 5!
...and Todd worked 27 out of 31 days this month (10 days away in Chicago)...which left me to pretty much plan and prepare everything Christmas...with two little (not so much) helpers.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A New Seat At the Table

It's no secret. This little guy likes to eat. He likes to help himself to whatever he can find in the fridge or the panty. He has his juice, Gogurt, ice cream, Mickey nuggets, applesauce pouches, fruit snacks and any kind of candy in the candy bowl. 

I've caught him on more than one occasion sitting on the floor in the pantry, with a plate and plastic knife he got on his own....digging into the peanut butter and making his own peanut butter crackers. He usually will lick the knife after every spread...

...but his favorite this Christmas was when we baked cookies...

Recently, Ayden has been running to get the step stool every time I make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. He wants to see every thing (maybe he'll be a chef!)  

The funny thing he's insisting on eating his meals there too!  He refuses to eat at the table for some meals. 

So I just let him!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Morning 2015

HE CAME!  HE CAME!  SANTA CAME!!  Allie could hardly wait for Todd and I to get up out of bed to make our way downstairs.  She was in awww as she stepped foot into the family room.  The sacks disappeared.  The milk was drank.  Only cookie crumbs were left on the plate.  Under the tree lay treasures and trinkets for two little Hammericks. 

This year we learned that Santa leaves THREE main gifts for us...because there were THREE wise men that visited baby Jesus when after he was born.  The three kings brought gifts of gifts gold, frankincense and myrrh, so our gifts represent those items (something we want, something for our mind, and something for our body). 

Allie was very happy that Santa remembered that she wanted a SCOOTER!  He choose the color RED because it's his favorite color.  He also brought Allie a new pair or pink Crocs and a Tag reader set.

As soon as Ayden saw his new Dusty AIRPLANE, he went straigt for it, hopped on, and was riding around the house like a pro!  He also received some much needed diapers (Santa won't be bringing those next year, hopefully) and some new puzzles too.

We pulled up the rugs and the kiddos spent most of the morning riding around the house!  They had a blast!

Santa also filled all our stockings.  I found some cute boot socks, hair ties, and a selfie stick in my stocking.  Todd found lots of K-cups, candy and a gift card to Cheesecake Factory with a message from Santa saying, "Take your beautiful wife out to dinner!"  Allie's stocking contained new shoes for her American Girl doll, toothpaste and socks and Ayden dug pouches and a new train out of his stocking.  Both kiddos found a new PEZ too to add to their collections.

Another great Christmas morning with long lasting memories!  Merry, merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

We are so thankful Todd made it home just in time for our Christmas Eve celebrations!  Our Christmas Eve was spent at home with our family.  Ayden was able to get his nap in so there was no crankiness on such a wonderful day.  Auntie Linda, Aunt Jess, Cousin Ethan, Papa Ray, Nana and Papa were all able to come over to celebrate with us.

Surprisingly the weather was very mild this Christmas...I was able to snap a few photos outside in our Christmas attire.

Best Cousins
All the little enjoying their Christmas Eve dinner!  Yum!  Desserts too...more YUM!

...and the best part of the day (according to Allie...and probably Ayden too)...the PRESENTS!  This year Allie and Ayden opened their presents at the same time.  Allie finished in record time and then helped everyone else open all their gifts.  Allie and Ayden  (and I) made our traditional hand/footprint plate for Todd.  They came out soooo cute this year...I was pretty pleased!  Ayden was happy to help Papa Ray open up all his candy he received...and sample all the pieces too. He was Papa's buddy for a bit.

Allie's Christmas loot consisted of American Girl clothes and accessories, books, a cheerleading shirt, a personalized bank.  Mouse Trap game and Cabbage Patch clothes and a playpen (or pack 'n play as Allie calls it). 

Ayden made out pretty well too...he received a personalized memory box and bank, a truck, magnitiles, Thomas bath toys, Hungry Hungry Hippo, a Lions wall plaque, a wagon, books, and applesauce pouches (his favorite gift by far!)

After all our family departed, we bundled up and grabbed our reindeer food.  These little elves wanted to make sure Santa would see our house and make a stop here!

Jingle and Belle gave us SPECIAL permission to TOUCH them tonight!  Allie could hardly wait all day for this moment.  Allie picked out some yummy cookies she thought Santa would like and Ayden helped with the milk.  Then she oh so gently picked up Belle from our tree and brought her upstairs to set her right by Santa's plate of cookies (so he wouldn't miss them)!  Ayden held Jingle at first and gave him a hug...but then was not at all interested in holding Jingle for a I had to help.  We also left our sacks for Santa by our tree!  Santa is going to take our old toys and fix them up for other girls and boys.

The littles were in bed just before 9:00...waiting to fall asleep for Christmas morning.  Today was joyful and very low stress...JUST what we all needed!  So thankful for our memories together.  Merry Christmas Eve from the Hammerick's...and to all a good night!